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Motherhood. It’s the original role, the most primal, the one that nurtured us into the unique beings that we are and the one that we in turn, nurture future generations.

It’s also the hardest.

It’s a milestone that is life changing in many meaningful ways and yet at times, draining, utterly confusing and bewildering. Turning to books, other parents and the internet meant information overload..what to expect when we’re expecting, what to eat, what to avoid, what exercises to do.

I also discovered that I wasn’t the only one.

While this blog started out from personal reasons my purpose has changed. Originally, I wanted to journal my learnings as a first time mother so that I could remember them for our next and truly relax into our roles as parents from the very beginning. Now I have a different purpose:

to enrich and to uplift

to inspire our natural intuition 

to embrace the moments

I hope you enjoy this blog as my intention is to share what I’ve learnt and more importantly, to share the collective wisdom of other mothers gleaned from their experiences and reflections. No judgements, no expectations. All we have here is just words to consider.

Words to help reconnect us with the art of parenting.

Parenting that comes from intuition, a place of simple nurturing and real connections. Like this one.


There is a belief that our children can sometimes be our teachers. Sometimes the things we focus on teaching them are words, numbers, the right time to sleep or tummy time.

Yet, when they wrap their arms around our necks, when they ask for daddy/mummy time, when they give their favourite toy to a crying child, they remind us what life is all about…

If you would like to provide feedback or get in touch please feel free to use the contact form below or email babyplaybook@outlook.com.

Thank you.


20 responses to “About & Contact

  1. Hello, Baby Playbook! What a beautiful blog with a lovely message! I thank you for your kind follow, and hope you find plenty to keep you entertained in my henhouse. It’s always a little crazy in there, but don’t worry – I almost never ruffle feathers. Mine is a family friendly blog, and the closest thing you will find to controversy there is my ongoing battle with menopause. That’s a long way off for you, I know. But I’m a grandma too, so all things family are what I am really about! Welcome and thank you – I am happy to follow you as well! This looks like a sweet place to hang out… Mother Hen

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  2. I love the purpose for your blog and cannot agree with it more! After reading books and scouring the internet for info about my baby, I finally realized my baby and I are not cookie cutters; we are original and unique. I am so excited to follow you, read more on your blog, and get to know you better! 🙂

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