Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you*

Recently I took my 2 year-old to The Grounds of Alexandria**, in an inner-east suburb of Sydney, Australia. It’s a cool place for young kids and parents as it combines a café with a petting zoo with live chickens, goats and even a pig called Kevin Bacon.

As expected my son found a lot of joy.

grounds of alexandria

pastry delight anyone?

kevin bacon

Kevin Bacon

I could hear it in his voice when he shouted “Pig!” I could see it in his body and his running around to each of the little pens. I could see it in his eyes as they were wide-eyed and dilated.

It was fun watching him. Not so fun chasing him through a throng of people.

We kept exploring the grounds and came across a playhouse in the corner of the outdoor café. The garden area of the playhouse contained the sweetest set up with a multi coloured picket fence and a little old-fashioned bike leaning against the house. The inside was a little dark.

I went inside first to explore.

Now normally my little guy is a bolter. He runs everywhere rather than walks. In this instance, he stepped in tentatively and he stopped just at the door.

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you

I could tell he preferred the light and the colour and the noise outside.

Despite his reservations of the dark interior he trusted me more. He took one last look outside before taking a step inside towards me.

In that little moment, he showed me something my consciousness knew but only took then to bubble to the surface.

Being a parent is hard, unrelenting, ambiguous work. Yes.

It’s the hardest job in the world and we can feel like we’re stuck in the shadows, either feeling isolated and alone or struggling through the universal difficulties with feeding or sleeping. And that’s not even including the general position description for parents. It’s beyond belief.

Would anyone really apply for our role? Watch the video below.

toughest job in the world

But what bubbled to the surface is, there is light. So much light.

The light is the love that has been nurtured from the very beginning when they put a tiny human being on our chest.

The light is re-discovering the world again through little eyes, little mouths and little hands. The unbridled joy when they’re discovering the animals in a picture book are very much real and alive!

The light is in the little moments where they show infinite trust in us to guide and protect them.

Of course there are days where it gets hard. So hard. But trust that there is light and days where we will find ourselves bathed in it and the shadows and the tears, fall away.

*Maori proverb

**I am not affiliated with The Grounds.

7 responses to “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you*

  1. Oh, this is so true. Today I did feel like I was mothering in the dark. Enduring my struggles in my home, alone. Motherhood can be hard at those moments when exhaustion kicks in and there is not a soul to vent to. But, then you described the light so perfectly–there is no greater light in my life than the beautiful moments I share with my son; The discoveries and laughter. Thank you for this post! You put into words what I had been feeling today. 🙂

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    • Thank you for your words. Yes, I think like all parents have, we’ve learnt very quickly that we need to remain flexible and have many options available in the face of the ambiguity. Parenting is so many different shades of grey and with blurry lines. Yet the light that sits at the end of the tunnel is warm, nourishing and colourful and it’s what we strive for and what we remember in the end..


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  3. This is so beautiful. Every day there is light. the giggles, the moments when they grasp your ginger, their eyes glittering with pure joy you can only find in a child. Those bright bursts of sunshine are truly what makes the hard moments of parenting not so bad. I love your writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I agree with you! I know I definitely need those moments of light to help me through the hardest and darkest parts of being a parent. I also love how spontaneous those moments are, and how they can really ground you and make you realise the important things in life too.

      And I love your blog too – you have an inspiring theme, writing about the everyday heroes who help our kids become what we hope, help leave our world in a better place, that make a difference in others lives 🙂


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