Life is made of small moments like these

I find the innocence of a child disarming. Their creativity mesmerizing. Their curiosity rewarding. Their ability to love wholeheartedly. That one is my favourite. They give off this impression of fragility and vulnerability because they’re so new to the world and yet create moments that make you stop and wonder how is it that they’re only 1 (or 2 or 3..).

I came across this video of Zaya, a 2 year dancing with her parents. It’s a genuine snapshot of a wonderful family interaction. Her parents just happen to be dancers and Zaya is shown leading the choreography to Sia’s Chandelier.It’s not a video of goofy dance moves but you won’t be disappointed.

She is an absolute dynamo! Her parents mirror all her movements and clearly it’s a proud moment for them. There’s no big set or stage. No lighting or re-editing. The choreography is great and better still, the parents are sending a powerful message to their daughter.

Christina Devereaux, PhD, who is a board certified dance/movement therapist says,

What I’m most moved by is the power of mirroring a child’s movements (reflecting back what they do not just by the shape but the quality of the movement), as a therapist, we see this as a primary healing tool for helping our clients feel “seen”, “understood” and “heard” on a body level.

Moving with her, following her cues, is giving Zaya the message that all parts of her are accepted. This is a beautiful example of how the movers beside her gave her permission for expression.”

It’s pure joy.

Acceptance. Permission. Children and adults alike; we all want to feel validated, to be seen and heard and understood. These moments shared between Zaya and her parents carry a simple message of affirmation and at the same time will form some wonderful memories of a time spent together.

It also reminded me that little ones can’t be underestimated no matter what their age. They’re capable of so much more; with incredibly nimble minds and bodies to be nurtured and their expressions validated. No matter how small or trivial it may appear.

Embed from Getty Images

One such time, my son was playing with his Lego and toy cars and trains while I was cleaning up. Nothing unusual about that. He was babbling  and I didn’t pay much mind to it. Then my ears pricked up when I began to recognise the words and I stopped and held a breath.

He was telling himself a story. He was assigning roles to his toys and letting his imagination play out a scene. It was nothing out of the ordinary to him but it was a small moment of wonder for me. I couldn’t help but smile. I stopped what I was doing and sat down next to him and joined in the play.

Immediately he sat on my lap, leaned into my curves and then continued showing me his toys often looking back up at me. I laughed, nodded and became immersed in his story. I started to relax and leaned into him. My cheek against the back of his head.

He had been content to play on his own but was happier still that I became a part of it. I was happier for it. It was a simple moment and a gentle reminder to me that there will always be dishes to do but these days of small wonders won’t keep. His life is not just the milestones but the smaller moments where we just bond and its pure love.


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