Top tip for baby’s runny noses. Snot fun.

Well it’s winter and it feels like every second week my little one is sick with a fever and runny nose. I still remember the very first time when he became sick. I felt completely helpless at first, but of course, every parent has been there before. I still remember the doctor’s visit and the pharmacist’s visit, both responding to my wide-eyed questions with “he’s your first? It’s all going to be fine.” I went home with the tried and true old school methods of taming a fever; dress them lightly, offer lots of water, lots of rest and hugs, give Children’s Pandol/Nurofen for Children (ask your doctor or pharmacist first) and watch them closely and wait.

His first runny nose was when he was only 3 months, and I also asked around on what I should do as he wasn’t comfortable with having his nose wiped every minute. He didn’t even know where his nose was, much less know how to blow it.

These are the times when you realise what comes naturally to us as adults are actually, skills you’ve learnt. And appreciate…

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After a few false starts with the manual nasal aspirators, a really helpful mum and my best friend introduced me to the Snotty One*. It was snot heaven. This became our most valuable product for winter.

While it costs over $50, it was well worth it for us given the heavy duty use. For those familiar with the nasal aspirators and have very wiggly little patients, this gadget sucks out the mucous quickly, easily and gently. The Snotty One is battery operated, ergonomically designed and can be rinsed after each use although the top 3 reasons why I love it are;

No more wasted tissues, the whole process is over in seconds and watching the snot being sucked up becomes quite cathartic for the parent too. Who knew.

*I am not affiliated with Snotty One

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