Be happy for no reason, like a child – Deepak Chopra

Life is busy. Life gets busy. Sometimes, there were days where I’d get out of bed and chaos happens and then get back into bed and wonder what happened in between. Heh. It’s not as dirty as it sounds.

This post is about slowing down, to notice the nuance of the day and in the words of Deepak Chopra “be happy for no reason, like a child.” One of those ways is to discover the world like a child, everything can become fascinating and new. Their talent at that age is making a game out of everything and if you want to, you can nurture it too. It doesn’t take much effort (I promise) nor equipment or having to go out to buy stuff. It just requires you. Or your partner.

Make a game of something trivial and mundane such as riding the elevator.

Count up (or down) along with the numbers as they ascend (or descend) and change the tempo of your voice until you reach your destination. That’s it. It’s a snippet of time but can become a lifetime memory. My little one always shouts “10” as a finale and it’s touching to see such pure joy in his face; his eyes beam, his fingers point up and his mouth grins for something so ordinary as riding the elevator. A bonus is that I find it slows my hyperactive monkey down to a stop too, and its a moment we share together. Try it with your little one and share your story with us.

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