The two most important days in your life are..

The two most important days in your life

I disagree AND agree with this on so many levels. I disagree because I don’t think that I’m just a mum. I’m more than a label and two moments.

There are times when I am reminiscent of our life pre baby, when my husband and I travelled untethered for a while and enjoyed life’s simpler pleasures trying different food and making friendships that circumvent the globe.

There are times when I am reminiscent of my life pre baby, when my work and effort were recognised with promotions and senior titles. Though what held more strongly were the friendships that formed and the camaraderie that deepened into trust.

I agree I gained so much becoming a mother. Resilience. Perspective. Patience. Priorities..the list of character traits goes on. These are times when I put someone else’s needs before mine without expectation of anything in return. At the same time, I have to constantly remember to take care of my own needs so that I can be in the right head space to recognise and use my instincts. It’s a balancing act and no less elusive than work/life balance.

So pre baby I gained broadly in experience. Post baby I gained depth in character.

In both, I collected moments that make up me.

Now my memories of indulging in exquisite Jamn on freshly baked bread at dusk time in Plaza Mayor, Madrid and sailing on the sparkling lagoon of Mar Menor, Murcia are complemented with being in bed at home with my little boy lying on my chest. His hair tickling my cheek, his heartbeat dancing with mine and his little hands connecting the freckles on my neck, these are the moments and more that make up me.


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