Fun free activity to connect with your kids? Act like a child!

There is so much to be said about acting like a child. Sometimes it can be labelled as mischievous, obnoxious, petulant or heavens forbid.. naughty. I was told that I had been all those things when I was growing up and I, especially was a naughty little girl. Now a parent myself, I realise those actions were judged through stressed and wearied eyes. I realise that, because I too get stressed and weary.

However, I’ve come to wholeheartedly appreciate that a young child is genuinely carefree, inquisitive, playful and untainted and especially, not deliberate. Their thoughts and actions rarely go through a filter which is why kids do and say the darndest things. Some you chuckle at, others you cringe at and yet others can make you boil inside.

It’s all part of growing up. Maybe it’s just me, but I get old just thinking about the reality and responsibilities I have as an adult so I love playing up like a child.

And in fact,  I think playing with your little one can help you reconnect with them on their level (as well as your inner child).

So here’s an easy activity. Gather some colourful scarves, play some upbeat music and just start dancing. Katy Perry’s Roar is a favourite for our household right now. Float the scarves above your head and trail them around you. Your little one will follow your steps and you will both soon erupt in laughter, especially if you trick out your old school dance moves (running man anyone?) and play and goof around. Fun guaranteed for the both of you. For them, happiness that mummy or daddy is playing! For you, a chance to dance your day’s stresses and wearies away.


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