How to survive through your stitches after birth

The first month after the birth comes with it highs and lows that the time should be described as “Baby Boot-camp” month. One of the more delicately uncomfortable lows are the stitches after birth. In this instance, I’m not referring to the equally uncomfortable C-section kind.

This tip is intended to help your stitches when you’re sitting.

You know those foam neck pillows you bring with you and use when travelling on the plane? There’s another great use for them to help your body after the labour, especially when you’re breastfeeding and frozen for 20 or 30 minutes in one position at a time.

Rather than worn around the neck though; you sit on the pillow.

When you’re readying yourself for your next breastfeed, position the foam neck pillow on your seat so it’s most comfortable for you. I had it flat and the U bend followed my derrière so that the two ends were under each leg.

Also it has to made of foam, if it’s inflatable then it won’t work as well for the purpose I’ve described. I don’t profess any scientific basis for it but I found the foam and the shape (vs. a standard cushion) helped alleviate rough contact to my stitches. Enough said 🙂


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