Tired of reading the same old books to your kids? Try this idea for a new story.

It wasn’t until I was well into my second trimester that I started thinking about how I wanted to capture some of the feelings and sensations I was going through as well as catalogue all the good advice and the more useful tips and tricks. I started a journal to do exactly that, but then it evolved into something more after the birth. It became a time capsule. I found I was also writing down snippets of life’s moments that no movie or song could replicate.

And while many were firsts..the first roll, the first step, the first word. I didn’t limit it to those moments.More often it was moments I couldn’t help but laugh either in frustration or delight, moments where I was incredibly proud, and moments where I was tested.

It was certainly self-indulgent, but I wanted to remember and write down all the details, capturing all the senses and feelings, even how the sunlight filtered through the curtain and cast a warming shadow on the bed. Yes, I was that specific.  The first years fly by so fast that I sometimes wonder what I was doing all that time..but now, when I have a few moments to myself I re-read these snippets and the wonderful memories come alive again. I also get dad to write as well so that it mixes it up a bit and when I read to my firstborn, it makes for a different type of storytelling.

Our story ♥

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