Advice to my pregnant self

The next time I’m pregnant I hope to be a little wiser. Actually a lot wiser; which is why I started this blog. Among all the learnings that I’ve captured for me and now sharing with you, this is probably the one that I reflect on the most.The next time I’m pregnant and taking my maternity leave I will be ensuring that it will be at least,

a full year.

I took six months for my first, which seems to be the standard now when I talk to pregnant women, but my crazy ambitious self had determined that amount of time was the maximum my career could afford while still being able to relish some time with my first. In fact I was incredibly lucky that he slept through the night pretty early on and I achieved a false sense of security through overcoming the hardest 12 weeks of my life during his first 12 weeks of life. I was yet to learn that my mettle was to be tested, and tested thoroughly, through the following months.

Growth spurts at 6, 8, 10 and 12 months and teething meant more sleepless nights and on auto pilot. Now, upon reflection I would enjoy these development milestones and rest in between them to steady myself for the next one. Like labour contractions, these milestones (and sleeplessness) come in waves. You don’t lose a career in a year but you can lose a little bit of sanity. Take a full year off. That’s my advice to my pregnant self.


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